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Top 5 Q&A's

Why wasn't my tanning lotion factory sealed?

Tanning Lotions Do Not come sealed from the factory.The Tanning Lotion you purchase online either from us or elsewhere gets shipped to you the same way it gets shipped to us from the manufacturer.. Brand New, and Un-opened.If you were to enter one of the 13,400 indoor tanning salons in the USA and purchase a bottle of lotion, it would not come sealed.We contacted the manufacturer and asked this question, they state that “We do not seal our products so that our clients and salons can smell the scent before purchasing” which does make sense…

What tanning lotion should I purchase? Reccomendations?

If you are unsure of what to order, I recommend trying a sample packet first at a local salon until you find something you like, then purchase a bottle so you know exactly what to expect.I sell hundreds of different bottles from many different manufacturers, and not everyone will like every lotion. Lotions cannot be returned once they have been opened, as they could never be resold and would be disposed of.

What's a good lotion or bronzer that won't streak?

Bronzers are a great way to break through any tanning plateau, however, this is a tough question.. as any lotion with a bronzer can and will streak, especially depending on skin type and application.Please keep in mind.. if your complexion is on the fair side, a darker bronzer may not look as natural as a medium or light bronzer.Also.. remember… applying lightly and evenly is key.Applying too much lotion will most certainly streak. If you want to avoid streaking completely, try using an accelerator or tingle without and bronzing.These types of lotions will help stimulate the production of melanin in your cells using Tyrosine and other active ingredients.

Where do I purchase tanning lotion online?

When buying tanning lotion online, make sure your seller is reputable. My recommendation is to check their feedback, as well as reviews and see if they have a physical salon or store, as that’s always a plus.My general rule is…

– Purchasing From eBay, only buy from sellers with 96% or more positive feedback. Try to buy from someone who is a “Top Rated Seller” as Top Rated Sellers consistently have been rated as 5 Star purchasing experience

– Purchasing From Amazon, still try to buy from sellers with 96%+ feedback, and if possible, purchase an item that is “Fulfilled By Amazon” as that means the product is shipped directly to you from one of Amazon’s warehouses.Amazon has extremely rigid rules regarding the inventory they store.Amazon constantly requires sellers to supply them with up to date invoices not only to prove the lotion is genuine, but also to ensure that it is fresh and not anywhere near expiration. Furthermore, they require all items that are “Fulfilled By Amazon” to be shrink wrapped. Any seller who sells tanning lotion via FBA must first shrink wrap each and every bottle, which also give you more peace of mind knowing no one opened your bottle but you.

– Purchasing From Websites, check if they have any reviews, or buyer feedback. Sometimes it can be tough, especially if they have no Brick & Mortar location. If you are still on the fence, I say…. if they are translucent and have their contact info available, contact them first… make sure they respond to you in a timely manor and address your concerns.

Obviously it would be great if everyone purchased from me, but I understand if you choose not to… my selection is limited as well as I do not sell sample packets online.

How do I know the tanning lotion I am purchasing online is authentic?

We own and operate an indoor tanning salon and have been in business since 2007.We only obtain our products directly from the manufacturers or major well known distributors.Lotions are shipped out directly from the salon daily.We ONLY ship Brand New, unopened & Fresh bottles.The same bottles we sell all day in our own salon are the same bottles we ship to you.

What is your return policy?

We only ship out brand new, UN-opened, tanning products.  These bottles are brand new, shipped out directly from our own indoor tanning salon.   Once they are opened, they cannot be returned. In the event of an incorrect order, or order cancellation, please contact us immediately at 401-732-8250.

When will I receive my purchase?

We ship orders out Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm EST. We ship via USPS and typical delivery time is 2-5 days.

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